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Third Party Integration

There is hardly a single web development project today that doesn't involve some kind of 3rd party vendor integration, be it for adding the latest must-have consumer features, ensuring you have the appropriate site analytics and marketing metrics, or integrating your business process applications into your website. The ecosystem of ecommerce and business applications has evolved: highly specialized vendors now offer every kind of specialty tool, plug-in feature and business operations application imaginable and still new applications are appearing every day.

Our API integration services help you integrate data with third party applications. We can also consume data from a wide range of third party sources. In addition to diverse domains such as shipping, payment, travel and social media, IMG Global Infotech has a lot of experience working with demand side platforms that integrate popular online advertising network APIs including Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

Advantages of Third Party Integration

  • »Time saving
  • »Money saving
  • »Customizable
  • »Ease of use
  • »Easily compatible
Third Party Integration Company in Alwar

Why Choose IMG Global Infotech for Third Party Integration?

It doesn't matter which application you are interested in; IMG Global Infotech has handled third party software and application integration of all the listed for business websites, online stores and various web applications. Some of the most sought-after application integrations and plug-ins that websites usually require are related to following

  • »Discussion forums
  • »Chat systems
  • »Social media
  • »Shopping cart
  • »Payment processing
  • »News feed
  • »Tracking solution