Jan 22, 2018

How Quora is an Important Weapon of Digital Marketing Strategy

By IMG Global Infotech Digital Marketing Updated On: Feb 19, 2019

Most of the people don’t understand the importance of Quora for their brand. They underestimate the power of Quora and unable to gain potential customer for their websites. But it’s not true; Quora is important tool of digital marketing services. It can get millions of users every month that would help to discover brand and generate prospective leads.

Quora is an excellent question answer forum whose content is highly monitored. Its user profile is strictly verified and quality of content is check on daily basis. It helps to build an amazing brand presence online and enhance web traffic that even generates leads. In this blog some points have been explained that help to understand the importance of Quora in Internet marketing services.

Help Consumers To Learn and Find Brand

The massive important of Quora is that it is a group of trusted people who rely on each other for information. The answer provided by people can increase credibility of brand and allow audience to see some meaningful conversations from experts of brands.

However, business analyst should be take care that they could not over explain about the brand as self-promotions are banned by Quora community. Therefore it would be important for SEO service providers to focus on detailed information about the brand instead of explaining irrelevant things in answers.

Boost Search Engine Ranking

We often find Quora post on Google search engine pages. Therefore it would be one of the best off-page search engine optimization techniques to increase organic traffic to website. It can also provide a chance to strategically placed important keywords in answers and make content more relevant in front of people.

Publicize Content in front of all

If a website contains quality blogs or influential content then Quora is one of the best to amplify content marketing. It’s a key to bring quality traffic to website. As instead of writing “visit our site at this and that url” people should write answers that cultivate interest of people and force them to visit your website.

On the other hand, links should also be anchored properly with content in order to improve SEO ranking and redirect people to your website or blog post.

Help to understand demand of Audience

People are conducting various surveys and searching on different website in order to understand the demand of audience. For such people, Quora is the best website to understand target audience needs. The questions on Quora is an invaluable source of information in order to find engaging content of target audience. If a number of people are asking same question related to same problem, then it will explain the psychology and demand of people.

Establish though leadership

Meaningful and informative answers will help to establish thought leadership through Quora. It help people to demonstrate extensive knowledge related to numerous subjects as well as help SEO company experts to steer conversation related to brand offering in right direction.


No Digital marketer can ignore the importance of Quora for brand awareness. Therefore understanding the importance of business identity, IMG Global Infotech will provide well rounded online marketing services.

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