Sep 18, 2017

Benefits of Using School ERP Software through Mobile App

With the advancement in technology when everyone is using a mobile phone and spend most of its time in front of it then why an education system is remain untouched from it. Schools, colleges and institutes are also moving ahead with the technology and manage daily activities of school using School ERP Software. Addition of mobile app with school ERP software will became a solution of lots of problem which will be discussed in the blog.

Online Payment Gateway

In a busy schedule parents don’t get enough time to go school, pay fees and this lead to late fees submission, fines, dues and many other problems for parents and schools both.  Hence, mobile app feature of school ERP software emerge as a best solution of it. Now, parents can easily pay fees by simply using their mobile phones as well as it generate receipt that help parents and school administration to keep record of a child.

Better Communication

In the present scenario when parents is engaged in their works then they are unable to spend a quality time with their child, they not even check their notebooks and diaries that contain information about their academic record and this lead to a huge communication gap between students, parents and teachers. By understanding this problem, Educatepro add a SMS integration feature in its mobile app. School ERP software of Educatepro send a full academic report of a child to their parents as well as attendance status through its mobile app. Now parents can easily access information about their child and talk to their teachers if required.

Notify about school Activities

There are various activities happened in school every day, but parents doesn’t get knowledge about it. Hence, to keep informed parents about the activities taking place in the school whether it would be a parent teacher meet, athletic meet, science exhibitions, annual function or any other relevant information school ERP software send each and every  to parents through movie app of educatepro.

So, at last mobile app proves to be a best solution for parents as well as schools. As it reduce communication gap between parents and teachers, it enhance working of education institutes and help them to improve their academic standards.

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